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The new faces of families requires new perspectives, broadened mindsets, cultural competence, compassion, effective communication, and the all encompassing respect for diversity. Above all else, there must be a solid belief in the value, strength and influence of families upon their child’s growth and development. Academic achievement is best facilitated with actively involved, and genuinely respected parents. The group, whose logo is pictured above, Parent Coordinator Alliance Network[PCAN], on LinkedIn is determined to be the best forum for professionals who work with families.

We want and need families to serve as allies with educators, the learning process and informed advocates for their children in partnership with schools. That is so important in a world where so many disparities exist in areas surrounding education, schools, learning and achievement of children. It really is about strengthening our nation as we begin to strengthen families, with particular attention paid to the traditionally ‘marginalized’ populations.

So should we believe that we are serving ourselves well by sweeping race and other issues under the rug, the rug remains soiled. We must clean house for the house is our own, and it is the world and society at large. Let’s talk and make ourselves accountable for what we can and are doing to change narratives.  PCAN is not only about building capacity among families, and enhancing academic achievement of their children at school. It also is about building our own capacity, supporting and strengthening practices and improving our efficacy as professionals, to  support family functioning, health and wellness. It is also a global movement of global importance!

Global connectedness is increased transparency. As we watch the world, the world also watches us. What will they see? What do they see?



If education is to be considered the great ‘equalizer’ in society, then it must be promoted, communicated and exhibited by school professionals. My sincere desire is to help open the floodgates to allow a productive and natural flow of all human-related discussions, covering ‘difficult’ topics  collectively. Societal changes can only come about when we swallow our guilt, anger, resentments, and fears about one another and what it means to be considered and treated equally. Merit alone should be the measuring tape by which a person is regarded. The mistakes in our historical  ‘national’ past, misperceptions, negative experiences, maltreatment, human bondage included, were not US.

This was not our doing, we weren’t there-but we are here now. We can vow to do better, be better, treat each other better, and become a better nation TODAY. Those individuals are long gone, but their laws and policies, as well as the sanctioned and upheld practices of yesteryear, necessitates meaningful dialogue to be properly addressed TODAY!

So, let’s talk and actively listen to one another!

It can only get better! For now though, at the very least, we can engage in solution focused strategic alliances to strengthen families along the way…one family at a time!

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