Environmental Racism or Benign Neglect

Money-Motivated Mass-Murder: Flint Fiasco Flips Family Futures Entire Population Poisoned by H2O When Water is not Healthy Anymore Forget about ISIS Terrorists Abroad or On US Soil, but Environmental Terrorism at Home Violating the VILLAGE- One Family at a Time The above words were among the choices of headlines I had considered before and while writing this […]

Online Discussion: Promoting Greater Hispanic Participation in the Labor Market and Career Pathways | Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education

On February 22-26, 2016, a panel of experts will address key questions surrounding Hispanics in the workforce, during an online discussion. Also, discussions will center around the need to help Hispanics benefit from career pathways programs and move into mid-level skills careers. The Carreras en Salud partnership will be introduced as a successful career pathways […]