Environmental Racism or Benign Neglect

  • Money-Motivated Mass-Murder: Flint Fiasco Flips Family Futures
  • Entire Population Poisoned by H2O
  • When Water is not Healthy Anymore
  • Forget about ISIS Terrorists Abroad or On US Soil, but Environmental Terrorism at Home
  • Violating the VILLAGE- One Family at a Time

The above words were among the choices of headlines I had considered before and while writing this post. In fact, it has taken about three weeks to even structure my words in response to the tragic trials of the residents of Flint. So these taglines, quite sensationalized, seemed inappropriate and disrespectful of me to do so. This is a seriously, life altering circumstance, and no fault of the people whose lives have been affected, either.

However, can you sensationalize a story that IS sensational, outrageous and totally incredible? This is America, American citizens, and also [not certain whether happenstance fits here] African-Americans whose lives are forever impacted by a governmental lack of concern or prompt action. Is it lack of concern for the countless numbers of individuals, mothers, fathers, community groups, and others who live and breathe in their own city, as residents of Flint, Michigan? It sure looks that way to me.

Having heard about the lead content in the water, the drinking water, bath water, baby’s bottles, in the food consumed, flowing through the pipes …. in homes, the bodies of thousands of residents, and residents to be…unborn children…. just pains me so much. In fact, it disgusts me!

How could the absolute disregard of the lives of African Americans in 2016 get to this point? Environmental racism is the reality, and the resulting impact is ultimately unknown. Is this a joke? Are we seriously going to allow this to occur, especially amidst the social movements that we see across this nation?

I find it difficult to believe that elected officials who are charged and sworn to represent the interest of the people, only serve the interest of ‘white’ people? Whether you are at the top of the leadership chain or at the bottom, local to state, city/public or private, are you not still human?

I think the entire leadership chain, top to bottom, should be criminally charged and sentenced before a jury of their peers-the people. Not their people but the people whose lives didn’t seem to matter. Money motivated mass murder! Many residents had complained but their voices either ignored or unheard by the system elected by the citizens to protect their interests and serve the better good. Is this the better good?

Environmental racism, terrorism, benign neglect[though is it really benign? More like malignant, to me.], and fiscal financial frugality are all possible descriptors, and of course, mismanagement, corruption, incompetence, collusion[there had to be co-conspirators who allowed this to go on unchanged for so long.]

My mother used to say, ” What’s done in the dark, surely will come to light.” My response to that is a strong, ” Yes, Ma’am!” In the end, the city will reflect a governmental hierarchy more respectful of its constituents, as it should be…. By the people, for the people and of the people….all people, rich, poor, black white, young old…non discriminatory.

How long can we look at other countries and point the fingers of shame, when we can’t cure our own ills right here, where we live? We can’t be the world’s watchdog, and continue to send young men and women to foreign lands to fight or possibly die for our own goals, more than  altruism. We don’t need to send them anywhere, when it seems that biological warfare and terrorism lives in our backyards or offices just a few miles from our homes. That, to me, is utterly senseless!

As we look at other nations, they can and are doing likewise. Let’s clean up our own backyards, and let them see a just nation whose families, and citizens thrive in this democracy, and are equally free to live within the American Dream that we talk about.

It shouldn’t be about the power or the politics, but the people! Shame on that city and that state! Now, where must we look next?  I am testing my own drinking and tap water, as I write. What about yours…is it safe? C’mon people….


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