Supporting Our Students :: Parent Toolkit

How do we best support the students in our lives? That’s the question that will be addressed by parents, teachers, and community members. All stakeholder voices are encouraged and invited to share information, concerns, and  ideas. This is what it means to employ a ‘village’ approach to raising 21st Century “digital natives”. J oin in the national dialogue […]

Metal Detectors….Where? and Why?

I am a realist and understand that tragedies occur in our nation’s schools because students are bringing guns and other weapons in through the building doors. I also understand that students, living in the ‘ghettoes of our cities, also bring guns, knives and other weapons into their learning environments, too. One point to be made […]

Virtual Reality: A Pathway to Cultural Awareness and Empathy

Well, this begins with an idea borne out of a TED Talk. A journalist, Nonny de la Peña has been researching Virtual Reality[VR] in the context of reporting the news and other ‘newsworthy’ events deemed controversial. VR is being experimented as the next ‘wave’ in reporting, viewing and experiencing the news as we have come to know […]

And the Lead Goes On….Newark: Where Else?

          The news continues to uncover more incidents of childhood lead poisoning. Lead is a toxic metal that is harmful to human health; there is NO safe level for lead exposure. This colorless, odorless, and tasteless metal can go undetected in water. Excessive amounts of lead place adults at higher risk […]