Boost Advocacy Skills for Parents of Students With Disabilities

kidsIn a Pennsylvania town roiled by controversy after a superintendent’s resignation, a volunteer group’s efforts seek to rebuild trust between the community and school district.

This story is quite inspiring and should help motivate others who aim to build bridges between parents and schools. Parents of students with learning differences are often unsure of their ability to advocate for their children’s education at school. Plus, many are unfamiliar with the language of schools, jargon on IEP’s, the evaluation/assessment process and often unaware of their rights in terms of their roles as parent/partner/advocate.

Read this Ed Week article about an advocacy group in Pennsylvania, and discover the differences that are being made in the lives of families within one school district.

Source: Group Aims to Boost Advocacy Skills for Parents of Students With Disabilities – Education Week


1 thought on “Boost Advocacy Skills for Parents of Students With Disabilities

  1. Great post! This is the type of community engagement we need to support parents and students. I also think its a good idea for community organizations and non-profits who provide services to children and families to educate themselves on the special education services within their local districts. Organizations that serve children and families need to be knowledgeable. It truly does, “take a village”.


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