Textbook Diversity May Be Increasing Under Common Core – Curriculum Matters – Education Week


Well, it certainly is about time that practical consideration of an overhaul of currently distributed textbooks in k-12 schools throughout our country. Children deserve better! They deserve to be taught under a more complete, accurate and reflective curriculum fully supported and supplemented by the corresponding and appropriate  instructional materials.

Like it or not, America is incredibly, beautifully diverse, and equally complex as a nation founded by immigrants, who brought with them a different immigrant group/race of people. Thus, deeply rooted in our history, we must tell and teach the real truths, illustrated in text and classrooms everywhere. We cannot expect better than we see happening in schools and communities anywhere and everywhere, without offering more and being better educators.


It is our task to align instruction with the ‘common core’, but align instruction with common sense and the truth-the whole truth, and nothing but the truth- while reflecting the diversity of students. That builds character ad raises the stakes for a better tomorrow with an honest, supportive, respectful education provided to children.


via Textbook Diversity May Be Increasing Under Common Core – Curriculum Matters – Education Week.


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