Host Your Own “College Signing Day” Event with THIS Free Toolkit

Education after high school is a critical part of a successful future. College graduates have more opportunities than those who choose not to pursue their education past high school. In fact, according to Georgetown’s Center on Education and Workforce, college graduates are set to make 84% more over their lifetimes than high school graduates.

That said, an education is worth way more than just a higher paycheck—it’s the most valuable asset a person can ever have. It is something they will have their entire life, helping them understand the world around them and giving them the tools they need to adapt to challenges and changes they encounter. Yet, many young people today aren’t choosing to pursue higher education.

America once led the world in college graduates and we can do so again by getting two things right:

1. Supporting and encouraging young people to reach higher

2. Creating a framework for young people commit to higher education, share their stories and inspire others to reach higherdiveruniv

SIGNING DAY: April 26, 2016

Deciding where you’re going to college is exciting. It’s a major step toward a person’s future and it should feel like an epic occasion. Hosted by schools, organizations, community leaders and influencers, Signing Day is a chance to rally around local students and show them your support. Created as part of the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative, this movement is a way for educators, counselors and parents to encourage those heading to college, but as part of Better Make Room it’s also a way for students to inspire and encourage others, too.

Get your free College Signing Day Kit by following the link below:

Click to access college_signing_day_kit_0.pdf

With the tools in this kit, you can Host your own Signing Day event. Take the Challenge!

a chance to celebrate students for making a commitment to higher education.


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