Isn’t it Funny that…..Heroin…?

I think that we are a funny bunch, here in America! When there are certain “ugly” or upsetting  concerns pertaining to or impacting certain groups within a community, it stays within that community. Everyone is okay with it, so it seems. So no real hoopla surrounds the issue at all. Rather, the issues are confined […]

Here’s How Slavery Left America in Pain

      Almost two centuries later, we still refuse to engage in meaningful dialogues surrounding both race and slavery. Slavery in this country started the institutionalized racist mindset that left us with  a ‘divide and conquer’ mentality among citizens. The effects of holding an entire race of human beings in bondage, for the purposes of obtaining […]

Tell Me 1,000 Times: Show Me Once

I’m sure that we are all familiar with the parable about a man’s hunger and self-reliance. Loosely paraphrased, it says that give someone a fish and it’s food for one day, but teach someone to fish, it’s food for life.   That can take on many different meanings, but once again, very loosely interpreted, for the […]