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How do we best support the students in our lives?

That’s the question that will be addressed by parents, teachers, and community members. All stakeholder voices are encouraged and invited to share information, concerns, and  ideas. This is what it means to employ a ‘village’ approach to raising 21st Century “digital natives”.

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J oin in the national dialogue on  April 14th from 6 PM to 8 PM ET, for a special live event streamed live on the Parent Toolkit at If you live in the Baltimore area, you can also watch on WBAL from 7-8pm.

If you would like to attend the event, you should contact But you don’t have to be in Baltimore to join the conversation!  And don’t forget to share how you are supporting the students in your lives NOW by using the hashtag #SOSevery1.

It’s the perfect time that we engage the “village” in all efforts to support students’ academic achievement, comprehensive development, and overall health and wellness. Families, teachers, and the communities served by our schools should be included and equally accountable for student success.

Everyone must be mindfully aware of the influence each has on life trajectory at every developmental stage, and in every setting. Whether they are at home, in the community, or at school, each environment  is connected to learning.

As we understand that WE ARE the VILLAGE, we can then collectively, and collaboratively support our children’s future and guide their experiences in directions that lead to realized potential-not broken promises.

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1 thought on “Supporting Our Students :: Parent Toolkit

  1. Encouraging to read about a parent wanting to support students in their education. Thanks for the post!


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