Perspectives: “Effective Practices” and “Parents’ Day”

Parents’ Day Parents’ Day is July 24.  Parents’ Day was established in 1994 to celebrate and recognize the important role of responsible parenting in every day family life.  President Bill Clinton signed a congressional resolution to commemorate Parents’ Day in an effort to promote family commitment and parental responsibilities. Families are a fundamental human institution; […]

Calls for Equity: Students of Color with Disabilities

ED Calls for Equity for Students of Color with Disabilities In order to address data that show children of color with disabilities are more likely to be educated in settings outside of the general classroom, and more likely to be removed from the classroom for discipline reasons, ED issued a proposed new rule to address the disparities that exist. Acting […]

What Keeps Parents Up At Night

PERSPECTIVES OF THE 2016 PUBLIC SCHOOL PARENT A national poll released April 21 reveals public school parents’ perspectives on their children’s academic, emotional and physical well-being, and identifies a disconnect between views on students’ performance in school and the national data. The study—“Parents 2016: Hearts and Minds of Public School Parents in an Uncertain World”— […]

What Color Makes Your Heart Sing?

                             What Color Are You?   Colors hold a variety of meanings – from the world of psychology, to yogic traditions and pop culture. The colors that you wear and see have been found to have an effect on how you feel, and how you see the world. For example, did you know that […]