What Do We Know About Pre-K? That We Should Start Sooner…..


Read more about Pre-K, early intervention, education preparedness programs and discover what I have known, believed and advocated for a long time now:

‘Early’ is not early enough!

We must intervene and educate earlier than at age 4 to increase academic readiness for children considered ‘at risk’ to combat and eliminate achievement gaps in education. Try to start from birth, and better still-prenatal efforts to improve parenting capacity to support early learning and comprehensive growth and development of youngsters.

I believe that we have limited choices for strategizing solutions to this pervasive problem for education professionals and the negatively impacted lives of children and families’. Ultimately, the problems impact society, and thus every one of us. Without focusing on historical references, for today and tomorrow, the reasonable takeaway to this informs us that……  it’s about opportunity and access to learning! Create it!

via What Do We Know About Pre-K? That We Should Start Sooner, Says Report – Early Years – Education Week


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