What Keeps Parents Up At Night


A national poll released April 21 reveals public school parents’ perspectives on their children’s academic, emotional and physical well-being, and identifies a disconnect between views on students’ performance in school and the national data.

The study—“Parents 2016: Hearts and Minds of Public School Parents in an Uncertain World”— which polled more than 1,300 parents with children in grades K-8, was conducted by Hart Research and commissioned by Learning Heroes, in collaboration with Univision Communications Inc.; in partnership with National PTA, National Urban League, NCLR and UNCF; and with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. The findings show parents’ high expectations and deep engagement in their children’s development, and unearth areas where parents most need support.

Major Findings:

· Parents are united in their belief in the importance of college.

· Parents believe their children are on-track academically, despite national data.

· Parents believe specific resources will be most helpful in preparing their child   for success.

To provide parents with the tools they need to guide their children in their education journey, and in response to the study findings, Learning Heroes, National PTA and Univision Communications Inc. released a “Readiness Roadmap” available at http://www.bealearninghero.org/readinessroadmap in both English and Spanish.

To learn more, visit http://www.pta.org/about/newsdetail.cfm?ItemNumber=4530   and http://www.BeALearningHero.org/readinessroadmap to sign up to receive regular updates with tools, tips and resources.


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