Is it wrong to recognize a valedictorian? One school says yes. –

Naming valedictorians at high school graduations is unhealthy, according to one North Carolina school board that has done away with the tradition. According to a new policy awaiting final approval on June 7, principals in Wake County, N.C., can no longer name valedictorians or salutatorians: the two seniors with the highest and second-highest grade point […]

Finding Success with Afterschool Physical Education Programs | Blog

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say school-age children should be physically active at least one hour a day. Most 9- to 13-year-olds do get their daily dose of physical activity, with more than three-quarters exercising throughout the week. But that percentage significantly declines as children grow older. In 2013, less than […]

On Racism and Race Relations: Poll Results

  Today’s read from The New York Times series: “Race/Related” Chicago: Polls, Reality Lilli Carré Chicago is caught in a violent spiral. Homicides are up 52 percent over last year and most of the victims have been African-American, in neighborhoods already racked with poverty, poor housing and failing schools. The Times has been zeroing in on […]