The Best Gift to Give a Parent

Many years ago,  as a full-time undergraduate psychology student in the last semester before earning my college degree,  I  was an expectant mother of a daughter born one month after commencement. Reading was an integral part of my days, and most nights. When cramming for exams, I would ‘pull all-nighters’  learning theories in clinical and counseling psychology. I also wanted to know what to expect BEFORE my child was […]

Commencement Speech Parents Need to Hear

The real truths about Millennials, 21st century skills, the roles they play, workforce development and responsibilities assumed in their lives…All covered in a commencement speech. Commencement Speech Parents Need to Hear

Math Is Everywhere: Know Where to Look

  These scenarios might seem familiar to you: A 1-year-old tugs at her mother’s leg, demanding, “Up! Up!” A group of 3-year-olds receive unequal amounts of cookies, prompting them to emphatically point out who has the most. These examples are amusing because we can all imagine young children advocating to be picked up or wanting […]