Parenting Cue Cards -Conversations For Tough Situations


Don’t we all wish that there were cue cards to guide us through those occasional  tough situations we encounter as parents. I certainly find these cards to be helpful resource materials when facilitating PD [Professional Development], family support and psycho-educational groups. Promoting honest, non-threatening and respectful communication, enhanced family/parent-child relationships, empowering to parents, practitioners and professionals whose work involves engaging families. With my ‘village’ approach, it is important to engage and collaborate with every stakeholder to positively impact and guide the life trajectory of children from the community to the classroom, and from peers and parents to the  Principal.

Fortunately, we can empower and guide parents through the challenging topics with some of the conversation starters contained in the cue cards collection. Spread the word and deal the cards!

Emotional intelligence is enhanced by the exploration of topics such as: positive discipline, ‘risky’ behaviors, time and organization, dishonesty, bullying, etc….

Families, parents and adult caregivers, clinicians and educators alike will benefit from increased capacity to support the comprehensive health and well-being of children at each stage of growth and development.

By all means, be creative, contextually relevant, culturally considerate and communicative of compassion, caring and convey positive regard for every child[and parents, too]!


Parenting Cue Cards—Follow the link and pass them out!



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