Kids Are Getting High Off the E-Joint

E-JOINTS: Interesting new concept, but is it a better, more healthful alternative to the traditional ‘smokin’ a joint’ activity? I remember when, shh, don’t tell anyone, while an undergrad[high school, too], smoking marijuana was among my favorite past times. Before class, after class, after lunch, after work, etc… a joint. That was years and even more years ago, and though my psyche- my state of mental being cannot cope with cannabis sativa, I am not opposed to its use. There are some medicinal properties, and marijuana is now being prescribed by doctors to treat patients’ symptoms and side effects of certain cancers and other ailments.

Interestingly, the ‘father’ of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud, was a user and advocate of cocaine use in his personal life and professional clinical practice. Neuroses, depression, and lethargy were among the conditions for which this drug was prescribed or sanctioned in his psychoanalytic approach. That was a long time ago! I wonder whether he would approve, or even indulge in marijuana today!

There are the ‘no smoking’ laws, and the anti-smoking movement that has placed official bans on smoking in public places. For fear of the hazards of second-hand smoke and related health problems, there is the ‘e-cig’, or electronic cigarette. For smokers who want to quit or decrease their daily consumption, for obvious reasons, quitting is best. But, while smokers continue to feed their habits, and still want to smoke in those places where there are bans, the e-cig is an option for lots of folk.

Do we think that way about using marijuana? Do we even dare to compare the two? An e-joint would enable ‘pot-heads’ to indulge without the odor that some find offensive. Also, since pot isn’t legal in all 50-states, is this an avenue to consider? Odorless, no seeds, no EZ-Wider[rolling papers] required…. and still get ‘high’!!

What about teens getting high this way? How will parents know? What about the police? Yes,  ‘stop and frisk’ is real, and bad enough for youth of color already. Now, what if these kids are carrying, not blunts or joints, but e-joints in their backpacks? Will this be just as if they were in possession of the real thing?

What do you think? Yea or nay?



Source: Nevermind E-Cigs, All the Cool Kids Are Getting High Off the E-Joint


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