How well fed were they?

“Slaves were well fed.” Words spoken by Bill O’Reilly of FOX News in response to Michelle Obama’s speech about life at the White House before the Democratic National Convention. Now, shall we proceed? First of all, in the course of our nation’s dark[no pun intended] past, people of African descent were enslaved by whites to […]

How to Focus When You’re Constantly Distracted

How do you hack your focus and actively engage your productivity muscle when we are bombarded with information from every outlet and bodily orifice in the face of so many immediate tasks? Well, with SoMe[Social Media] and the internet of things, it has become almost impossible to focus on one task at a time. There always seems to […]

FREE Family Engagement Resources for Leaders

Free School Programs School Family Nights ® Bring families together for a night of fun activities that everyone can enjoy! Our free Family Movie Night, Family Science Night and Family Reading Night kits make it easy to plan and organize fun school events. Get Your FREE kit Internet Safety Night Help parents teach kids to […]