The Coleman Report: 50 Years Seeking Educational Equality

One of the most influential and hotly debated education studies in American history turns 50 this weekend. See what’s changed on five key education issues in the decades since James S. Coleman published his landmark report. Source: Advertisements

11 Ways to “Chill-Out” and Relax in Five Minutes or Less

You’re on a beautiful, tropical beach, with yellow dunes and crystal-clear blue waters. You can feel the sand in your toes and the wind in your hair … not doing it for you? Not surprising. Different things relax different people, and even the calmest among us experience moments of stress from time to time. The […]

Can a Hip-Hop Curriculum Promote and Encourage Learning?

Hip-Hop is everywhere and 90% of today’s youth are tuning in. Just as technology is introduced in classroom instruction and utilized to supplement and reinforce content knowledge and skills acquisition, we must continue to adopt new ways to teach, engage students and facilitate learning. ‘Traditional’ teaching methodologies and framework of established “best practices” sadly contribute to the disconnect and disengagement of today’s goal-oriented, digital learners at […]