FREE Family Engagement Resources for Leaders

Free School Programs School Family Nights ® Bring families together for a night of fun activities that everyone can enjoy! Our free Family Movie Night, Family Science Night and Family Reading Night kits make it easy to plan and organize fun school events. Get Your FREE kit Internet Safety Night Help parents teach kids to […]

“Sticks and Stones”….Does not Apply: Growth Mindsets at Home and School

    When hearing about growth mindset for the first time, many people say, “Great! But where do I start? What can I do?”   Take the first step  Spend the next week or two paying closer attention to your language and the language of those around you. Paying attention to our language can provide […]

Drum Majors for JUSTICE: What is the Plan?

It is clear to the world that there have been terrible miscarriages of justice as it pertains to recent police involved shooting deaths of African American men. Hopefully, no one believes that this is novel, isolated or merely tragic mistakes. Tragic yes, but mistakes…I’m not too sure. Historically, blacks have been treated in the manners we now […]