10 Strategies for Active Family Living

  If your family is not very active already, then beginning to change that status will not be any harder than making up your mind. Being an active family often requires very little money, but does require dedicated planning.With a sense of determination, and a little creativity, you can transform your family routine from mostly solitary and sedentary activities into […]

Here’s How to Create Family Fun At the Dinner Table

Making Family Mealtimes Fun   Sitting down together for a meal whenever you can is a great way to connect with your family. Keeping it relaxed is key to making sure you are getting the most out of this time together, including talking, laughing and choosing healthy foods. Here are some tips from families for […]

Leaders: Change Makers who Empower Change Agents

  Change is spoken about in education more and more each day. Herein lies the problem: Talk and opinions get us nowhere. We need to stop talking and spend more energy acting. Education has to change dramatically, but how this is initiated should no longer be a contentious topic for discussion or debate. Many people […]

When Was the Last Time You Really Examined your Life?

When we’re little, journeys are easier to make. We skip our way through woods, happily chasing butterflies and turn over rocks with curiosity and delight. Our novelty-seeking instinct is in charge, and the right brain emotions of fear and disgust take a back seat. As we get older, the journey becomes more difficult. We stop […]