6 Products That Empower Girls To Unlock Their Full Potential



whisk Historically, gender bias has  posed great challenges to the life and career choices of women as they endeavored to break the  almost shatter-proof ‘glass ceilings’ of the working world.  The ‘sex-typical’ roles assigned to women have prevented many highly competent, intellectually gifted groups of people who represent diversity from entering career fields reserved for men who represent the dominant culture.


There can never be too many products that will help girls realize their own unique gifts and talents.  There are simply some things and some people that just will not allow roadblocks to stand in the way of their potential. I believe that is the missing link in curricula today: teaching strategies, mindset and accompanying instructional materials that encourage resilience, determination and pure grit-gender specific and gender non-specific. Universality of instruction, fueled by recognized strengths and reinforced concurrently with the rigors of standardization.[That is another discussion, though]

The mere presence of such character traits does not negate the need to rid society of all the “-isms” that plague us. The process of socialization and parenting of girls and boys alike must be transformed and bounded no more by limits on their individuality as persons first and foremost. All little girls aren’t at their best when playing with dolls, and little boys…ditto with regards to trucks.

When children are poised at their best, they are nurtured to be the best ‘selves’ they feel ‘fit’ and they can more readily discover their own fit into larger society. Allow them room, space, and freedom from judgment, which means that we must…

” Let children try on the many outfits of persona as they wish until they discover a perfect fit. As they grow, some outfits are outgrown, and won’t fit as it once did. However, some outfits are a perfect fit and will always fit your child.”

For now, for today, we must take special care to acknowledge and encourage the safe exploration of unique gifts, talents or ‘unconventional’ toy preferences of children without prejudice. The prejudice they demonstrate will thus be their own and not imposed by you, me, or anyone else. So, your little girl likes to play ‘rough and tumble’ with her brothers, or your little boy loves to bake cakes and sew or go shopping with his mother, sister or just because.  Just because, if not your child, but someone’s child, every boy and every female will likely possess a better sense of self with your safe and unconditional love and acceptance than without. There are so many others who will always challenge their individuality already. So, be there, love them and keep them in the safety of your love. Encourage girls to dream, explore and excel at STEM, STEAM, and L-I-F-E.


The link below will take you to 6 pro-girl potential-promoting products:[When you explore one or more of them, please comment. Share what works or what doesn’t work for you or your child. Either way, we are informed.]


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