“Immaculate Perceptions”: The Power of The Parent Coordinator

The home dynamics for all children are usually multifaceted and complex. Some children experience more difficulties due to family circumstances while others have more positive experiences regardless of family circumstances. No matter the dynamics, children’s actions reflect those circumstances (both negatively and positively) throughout the school day. As the Parent Liaison, you have the unique […]

Four Approaches to Making Instructional Content Kinesthetic

New research shows that the part of the brain typically associated with muscular activity and motor control also plays a role in language functions and with visual-spatial, executive and working memory processes. By combining physical activity and higher-order thinking, teachers can capitalize on the brain-body connection and help students grow this area of their brain. […]

The Most Avoided Strategy To Guide Education Practices

Why not ask the customer? Kent ISD, MI —  Let’s open with a quick quiz. Can you name a $13 billion enterprise that operates almost totally without regular, ongoing and actionable customer research? If you’re in the manufacturing, IT, entertainment, transportation, health care, food service or tourism industries, you may be scratching your head, asking […]

Family Engagement: Self-Assessment

When my oldest daughter was in the first year of public school, she was enrolled in the Gifted & Talented[G&T] academic program. It was appropriate for her advanced aptitude, and it certainly met my expectations and her learning needs. What I didn’t know was that it was an area of Special Education, since accelerated instruction is not usually associated under […]