Are You Stressed Out? Feeling Burnt Out? Test Yourself


Sometimes, it seems as though we have lost that “drive” or don’t feel satisfied with work. With red tape, extra duties at work, or too many limits placed on your ability to perform at your best level, we can experience so much stress that it robs us of focus which leads to more absenteeism, less productivity, arguments with colleagues and it can permeate throughout the workplace environment. Others can feel it, too! They sense your malaise and feel that your heart is no longer in your job. Your co-workers feel it; your family feels it, and you feel it, too. What is it, though?

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It can be burn-out, and it can indicate an urgent need for a fix-mental health counseling, exercise, time management or a vacation may help. The first step is to assess the level of stress and identify the particular stressors. Then, you may begin to focus on solutions to restore your balance.See whether you are really burnt out at work, or at home by taking this short test.

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Assess your Stress!



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