Why families should tell TRAGIC stories to their children

  In every culture that anthropologists have ever studied, people tell stories. Families most frequently tell stories around vacations, family reunions and the more children know about their family history, the healthier and more resilient they become. My grandfather was a great storyteller who used ‘parables’, when I was a child, to offer a life lesson […]

Good Parent- Bad Parent…Are You Certain?

Situations, circumstances and contexts are important factors that influence our behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. Here’s why! The other day, while perusing the mall, I took a break from shopping to get something to eat. I headed for the food court, and decided to grab a bite from the Burger King. Standing in line ahead of me was a young African-American […]

Why School Leaders Promote Racial Literacy

  School leaders must slow down long enough to take a good hard look at this imposing, yet routinely unacknowledged presence of racial tension. When we stop avoiding it, when we stop pretending it’s not there, when we stop thinking that it’s not an issue that deeply affects schools, we can make huge strides in our […]

How Family Meals ARE Absolutely Beneficial Quality Times

In today’s family, regardless of structure, busy schedules of both parents and their children make it harder than ever to have “family dinners”. Some families may not be aware of the benefits that come with everyone eating meals together at the dinner or kitchen table. In fact, family mealtimes are a hot topic in social science research. Research […]