How Many Good Deeds Are on Your List For the Year?

 It is always pleasantly surprising to hear about someone who has gone out of their way to do a good deed for someone else. It reaffirms our belief that people do still care enough to do good deeds for others. The world is not going to “Hell in a hand basket”! Showing empathy and helping other people […]

Here’s How to “Go Home” to Families

I get it! Educators, teachers in particular, are hesitant, reluctant even, to conduct home visits to families of students. Though grounded in fear, and the uncertainty of change, it will be considered a necessary component of teaching. Learning is not confined to a building dedicated to educate children. Learning occurs in all environments-anytime, anywhere. As […]

Family Team Conferences: An Overview

  In most states, if your family is receiving any preventive services you will be invited to attend Family Team Conferences, and play an important role in any decision made about your family. What is a Family Team Conference? A family team conference is a meeting organized by your local Children and Family Services agency that brings together […]

Response to Intervention: What Parents Need to Ask Their Child’s School

    Response To Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs. A framework that an increasing number of schools use to provide struggling students with extra help, different schools approach RTI in different ways. If your child is struggling, here are some questions to […]