Child Sexual Abuse: An Educator’s Guide

You are an educator and some time during the school day, a student comes to you and says that he or she has been sexually abused. If receiving that news isn’t devastating enough, he or she tells you that it was a colleague or other school staff who was the alleged abuser. What do you do? Educators play an important role in the lives of children who come […]

Don’t Stand Too Close. Violence is Contagious!

If a smile can be ‘infectious’, then what about all types of violence? It makes so much sense that we should begin to view violence as a communicable and highly contagious disease that infects all those who are exposed to it. In neighborhoods all across the country, violence has been spreading like ‘wildfire’, and the most vulnerable populations […]

Adultification is….This Child, Your Child, or You?

Doesn’t everyone know a child who has a smart, not dirty or foul, mouth? You know that kid- the one who seems to position her/himself in the middle of  adult conversations and makes statements or decisions indicative of a more mature person or an adult. Somewhat precocious, a little rude, slightly condescending, but always made sense in […]

Now What? Your Child Identifies as LGBTQ

Parents love their children and want the best for them. They have a sincere desire to nurture and protect their children and keep them safe, particularly from anyone who might hurt or harm them. Research shows that between two and seven percent of adults identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual. Studies also show that young […]