A Mother doesn’t Have to Be a Mother!

phone callYou ARE appreciated!

This is a shout out to those of us who are not biological mothers and those of us who are mothers in every sense of the word. Being a mother is being motherly, and embracing all of the qualities and embodying the essence of its very meaning. Some of us take on many roles-mother, father, mentor, friend, life coach or guide, teacher, faith leader, role model and caring adult in the life of those we see as vulnerable, are in need, dependent upon us, or who just seem to bring out the most nurturing, benevolent, warm, supportive, loving and protective parts of our being.

mom teenYou ARE appreciated!

Everyone of us who touch the lives of children; know that you are appreciated, even though it may sometimes appear that we are engaging in a ‘thankless’ role, profession, or other areas of involvement. When children seem to turn their backs, slam their bedroom doors, yell at us and disobey us, know that you are still needed, and…

teen yellYou ARE appreciated!

When it seems that the odds are stacked against us, and there is little light at the end of the tunnel, with little hope for positive outcomes, keep the course, continue the pursuit, don’t abandon the dream! Even in the presence of a crowd of angry wolves, keep the faith, do the right thing, and stay encouraged, while you must continue to encourage others. Life is hope, dreams, hurts, disappointments, anger, and it is also beauty, laughter, elation, awesome, and life IS the light! Be the light in the life of others, for there will always be some who will come to us in darkness, but let the darkness be theirs, not our own. Be the light, for you will be, and…

mall-viewYou ARE appreciated!

If not today, with our hearts in the right place, eyes on the greater and ultimate prize, by endeavoring to ensure the best, most healthy, enlightened life for others, whether child, adult relative or a stranger on the street, your rewards are intrinsic and may be felt for many tomorrows to come.

Keep your head up and be ye not weary nor discouraged. You are love, you are loved, and…

older groupYou ARE appreciated!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!


1 thought on “A Mother doesn’t Have to Be a Mother!

  1. Very, very well thought out. Mothers all over
    Thank You. Every day is Mother’s Day. Give her her flowers while she’s living and can smell them. She deserves them whomever it happens to be. God is love. Thanks again. God bless.

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