Don’t Forget To Celebrate the Important ‘Firsts’!

It is important for us all to recognize and celebrate milestones or the “famous [and not-so famous] firsts” in our lifetime. Not only a baby’s first steps, your first car, or first job, but there are situations, circumstances and events that are bigger than that, because they are bigger than us. Celebrate, for our milestones can positively impact […]

Here’s What You Can Do Today to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Things You Can Do Every Day to Raise Your Self-esteem Pay attention to your own needs and wants. Listen to what your body, your mind, and your heart are telling you. For instance, if your body is telling you that you have been sitting down too long, stand up and stretch. If your heart is […]

How Can We Forget ‘Summer Slide’ and Promote ‘Summer Stride’?

It’s officially summertime, and children are out of school. Yay! But, now how do we help students retain the knowledge and skills they learned during the academic year that just ended?  More than that, how do we help children remain on the forward path to achievement without making them feel as though they are actually still in school? […]

Cosby’s Preventive Maintenance Plan

      Just days after a deadlocked jury released Mr. Bill Cosby from criminal sexual assault charges, the news is that he plans to embark upon a national tour, a series of Town Hall events. First, who would come and would people pay, or would anyone attend at no cost at all? This man, a beloved […]