5 Types of Friendships You Need in Your Life

Everyone needs a friend! One who feels that he or she can successfully navigate this life without benefit of an authentic friend, or friend-like person to be there in both good and bad times, is one who will ultimately miss the fullness of happiness in this world. A friend knows our strengths and weaknesses, and wishes […]

How to Ensure Smooth Transitions within the Pre-school Classroom

Transitions are powerful teaching tools and learning opportunities. They guide children gently through the day, provide special attention to individuals, and help children move from one area of the classroom[or the home] to another smoothly. The following transition ideas should help you reduce the number of interruptions and encourage activities to flow from one to another with ease. Cues for […]

On Eliminating The ‘Word Gap’

  It is a known fact that children from disadvantaged families and homes have access to larger, stronger and more complex vocabularies upon entry into kindergarten. As opposed to more economically secure families and backgrounds, lower income infants hear much fewer words per day by the age of three. This is called, “the word gap”. […]

Why You Must Have a “Cultural Broker”

    A Cultural Broker often wears many hats, and can work in many different settings. Some work in education settings, at schools, and others work in child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health settings, and other family serving agencies, and that is the short list. There is one common thread that is inextricably woven into […]