5 Types of Friendships You Need in Your Life

FRIEND HEARTEveryone needs a friend! One who feels that he or she can successfully navigate this life without benefit of an authentic friend, or friend-like person to be there in both good and bad times, is one who will ultimately miss the fullness of happiness in this world. A friend knows our strengths and weaknesses, and wishes only the best for us, is one who will see our flaws and somehow still manages to love us in spite of, and sometimes, because of them. A friend can be ten thousand miles away from us, and the  bond between us is never broken.

A friend knows that our past does not define us and lets us know that.  We are made unafraid to bare all, and knowing that we or no one else is perfect, a friend will accept us and appreciate our unique imperfections.  He or she will enter our living ‘space’- an apartment, home, or bedroom- in its most untidy condition and not judge. In fact, a true blue friend might even help to clean that messy space with us, right?!!

A friend can be our sanity at times when everything around us seems to be racing towards insanity. A friend is unafraid to call us out on our b..sh.t, and reels us back into that place of ‘real’. A friend will always be honest, sometimes brutally honest- just what we need to hear. A friend wouldn’t hesitate to tell us when the red dress that we always loved, and looked awesome in, is now too tight. We’ve gained weight and that size 8 dress requires a size 8 body, that which we haven’t had in over 10 years. A friend will also direct us to the nearest Goodwill Store to make an appropriate donation. Giving back!PENDANT

International Day of Friendship is July 30, and we are provided an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate those ‘friends’ who know us better than most or any others. If we are lucky, in life we may identify one very special, all-knowing and devoted friend. Some of us are extremely fortunate to identify more than one BFF. Whatever the case may be, let us all celebrate at least one special friend. In our busy lives, we often forget to acknowledge those persons who always seems to “have your back”. Or we fail to communicate our appreciation to them.

As Dana Owens, also knwn as Queen Latifah, said in the rap song, U.N.I.T.Y., “You gotta let ’em know”! Let your friend[s] know that they are appreciated because your friend may be one of these types:PUPPIES

  1. The BEST FRIEND– No Walls- This is the friend who knows you from both sides and in-between, and amazingly, you wonder, still sticks with you. In fact, the relationship is so close knit, that you are almost twin-like. You can just turn and give each other a look, and “‘nuf said”! You get each other! You both understand! You may have known this person for all or most of your life, and are quite confident that you have a friend for life!BOYFRIENDS
  2. The LISTENER– All Ears- This is the person who will let you cry on their shoulders and allows you to vent and express all your deepest thoughts, fears and by the mere act of listening to you, helps you make important life decisions, and gives you the room to figure things out. No judgments!NADIA
  3. The FUN ONE– Very Cool- Looking for a really good and interesting adventure,; something out of the ordinary-a break from the routine? This is the person who will offer that outlet, even when you aren’t expecting to spend a crazy day of fun together. You may not divulge all of your deepest thoughts or express your fears to this friend, but you need a person like this in your/our life. Celebrate your friends!FRIENDS WORK
  4. The LOYAL CO-WORKER– All Business- This friend probably spends more time with you than your other friends. This is also the only person who really understands the life you lead in your profession, and there is a strong bond that developed because of the 9-5 that you have in common. You can ‘ditch’ with this person in the office, get the job done and work becomes more tolerable for you both when the stress accumulates. Lunches together, and drinks after work! Your days run more smooth, and your sense of humor remains in tact, too, with the supportive presence of your closest co-worker. Celebrate this friend!BOYFRIENDS
  5. The WISE ONE– All Sage- This is the person who will offer the most sage or prudent advice when you are seeking a clear perspective. Sometimes this friend will give you advice without your asking for any. Your friend is also a good listener, and pays attention to what you say and what’s not said, and can come up with the most insightful feedback, and so…celebrate this friend!

Show your appreciation and your gratitude for having such great friends in your life. Celebrate your friend[s]! Can’t think of anyone who fits any of these descriptions, then make a friend. Start with being a friend to someone-yourself first! Celebrate your friend!



via 5 Types of Friendships You Need in Your Life – Goodnet


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