Now, About this ‘DIVERSITY’ Matter….A Case of “The Blind Leading the Blind”?

I continue to read from education’s ‘experts’ or other  professionals, so many different articles on ‘diversity’ as they endeavor to facilitate mindfulness and facilitate an appreciation for diversity.  Some ask us to question our perspectives on difference, and others provide talking points and give pointers on the most effective methods to becoming culturally-proficient. Basically, in a […]

When Your Child Is Bored in School….

The human brain needs to be stimulated, and often. The stimuli needs to be varied, because the variety of the types of stimulation leads to growth. Now, imagine your child sitting in a classroom that he or she considers boring. That is probably what happens 9 times out of 10 in classrooms when children begin […]

Parents, Prepare to Begin the New School Year NOW

Parents, if you have school-aged children and you already know the school that they will attend for the upcoming  year, then you can begin preparing both your child and yourself  now-before the 1st day of school. There are things to be done, besides shopping for new clothes and school supplies in order to be ready for that […]

Countering the ‘Alt-Right’ on Campus: A Guide

Once again, in light of recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, we have reached a critical point in our American democracy. We are being challenged by our freedoms of speech, rights of assembly, and our individual beliefs. The central point of our society is the assurance of the rights of each citizen to enjoy the freedoms […]