Telephone  conversation:

Kid:          “Mom, Dad! I’m coming home!”

Parents:     “What, for Spring or Winter Recess?”

Kid:        “I’m dropping out. I’ve quit school!”


As parents, this is YOUR child talking to you, and you’re in a state of shock and in absolute disbelief. How could he or she? After all the money we had saved, already spent and still owe to send this ungrateful so & so to college…the ultimate insult! You may or may not speak these words out loud, but your parents definitely are entertaining these thoughts. They want to really let you have it, but good, but they also are compelled to be compassionate, supportive, and generous….for a little while at least.

Or is it?

It seems as though, just when you think that your children are off to college to prepare for a career and a life of independence, they get it in their minds to come back home BEFORE graduating with a degree. Children, young and emerging adults drop out of college for a variety of reasons, and each one probably different from the next. Without a college degree in this job market, what do they do now? Will they return? Should they return? Get a job? Is their future ruined? What about their dreams, career goals…the money and student loans? What do you do, if you are the Boomerang child who has returned to the nest? What are your options?

Read more by following the link below:

Options for College-Dropout Boomerang Kids – Next Avenue


Published by JaDonnia B.

An education and counseling professional, I focus my expertise on diversity, inclusion and family engagement/empowerment Of particular importance is the partnership between parents and the community schools that serve their children. Highlighting strategies, tips and evidence-based best practices for family engagement, my aim is to alter mindsets, broaden perspectives, foster empathy, and build capacity. Offering 'food for thought' and inviting discussion, I also tell truths rarely explored. A holistic culturally-responsive approach to teaching, learning and engaging others begins with respect. I promote respect and fully integrating curricular diversity in formal learning settings! Collaboration with families is necessary, because parents hold the master key that unlocks doors to child health and wellness, academic achievement, and believe it or not, teacher excellence and stronger school communities.

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