Nationalism in Black and White

This narrative accurately depicts American society’s mainstream philosophy and the inherent democratic flaws of inequity vis a vis superiority. All historical accountings were built upon lies and partial truths, strategically configured to exclude the American black from significance. We began from a position of conquer all by any means necessary, yet when X proclaimed similar sentiments, it was starkly disapproved. This was seen as a threat to privilege and status, when the aim was simple respect and equality as decreed in our foundational docs.
The U.S. version of capitalism and democracy rests solely upon ‘necessary’ inequity of some-people of color. Privilege and status quo is terribly afraid of reprisals from the marginalized majority, and this prevents substantial policy change. We continue to teach children from a yesterday approach, and students should be prepared for tomorrow. Solutions? They rest within the classroom and our ‘standardized’, ‘common core’ curricula. until instruction and texts reflect our history, plural, and not ‘his-story’, respect demographics, and boldly illustrate complete truths, inclusively, we teach children that some lives should be a ‘my-story’-untold, unknown and unimportant We will continue to facilitate ‘nationalism, in public and private learning institutions. And we ask ourselves why?

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  1. “Necessary inequity” WOW! Thought provoking!! Always enjoy reading your blog posts!

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