“You’re Fired, Bitch! Go out and find something else to do!”


This is not a game show or a reality show-this is life! This is the presidency, Mister President!

Those recently spoken words are so appropriate to what I’m feeling about our current President of these United States. How dare he disrespect the flag and the people for whom the flag signifies freedom, liberty and justice! Hasn’t anyone ever whispered into his ear that among the freedoms that our national flag represents is the freedom of expression, beliefs and the freedom to be committed to our beliefs, as individuals and as a collective-a nation?

As if a football player, professional athletes aren’t included in the context of freedoms! Does he believe that athletes are truly ‘dumb jocks’? Since college seems to reign as the prerequisite requirement before consideration of becoming a professional sports player, one should venture to guess that each player possesses some moderate level of intelligence. Along with intelligence, shouldn’t we safely assume that everyone has individual thoughts and beliefs, possibly different from the masses? As much as we are unique as humans, we are also similar, but we don’t have to conform, especially to nonsense. Not even when the nonsense is uttered froPresident

Are all athletes, simply because they are paid to play a sport that millions of Americans and people outside of America find pleasurable, entertaining, or exciting, paid to also keep their thoughts to themselves and their mouths shut? If there were a deeply felt cause that I support, because I exist within a ‘team’ environment, and we get paid to be on that team, is there a clause built into my contract which holds me to abstain from community activism? Why should we ask any player to go against his or her values to satisfy anyone else, let alone a President who clearly aligns with ‘Nationalism’, the ‘Alt-Right’,  and whatever moniker for racially-charged ideology is fashionable at the moment?

It is admirable that there are ‘dumb jocks’ who have a conscience, hold values, and support unjust, discriminatory practices, policies and the rhetoric ‘double-talk’ that we hear today. Black, white or mixed-descent, right is right and wrong is wrong! But, has there ever been anyone chided for calling a ‘spade a spade’…particularly when it was fashionable to do so?[*a distasteful double entendre]

I think that this ignorant phrase used by our President, expletives included, should be enough evidence of his loyalties and he should, himself, be fired by the American people, not just an owner of a sports team. The resounding response to his words, however, shows that he is not unanimously supported. There has been increased numbers of professional sports players, coaches included, who have risen or rather kneeled in protest/opposition to injustice, evidenced by spoken words or actions. Un-American is un-American, in today’s America!

Our newest president seems to be more comfortable responding to popular media and news more social than political, than he is with exercising diplomacy and acting as a vehicle for bringing us all together united as Americans. His job is to act as a strong voice elected by the people to act in our best interest,…Black, White, Protestant, Catholic, LGBTQ or uncategorized. His job is not to polarize, antagonize, demonize or even sympathize. Nobody wants his sympathy, for his job is but to empathize, apologize and lead us into a more inclusively peace-filled and global future.

Obviously, Mr. Trump did not know what he was embarking upon as leader of the free world. So, I say, “You’re fired, Bitch! Go and find something else to do! Good ridding to bad rubbish! We deserve a better, more inclusive, tolerant and respectful leader …for the diversity that IS the U.S.!



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