“The OODA Loop”: De-escalating Conflict & Potentially Violent Situations

  Whether you work in a school setting or practically any other, conflict is almost certainly inevitable. These are times when there is an opposition of strengths between parties and principles. Unfortunately, many professionals lack some of the tools necessary for de-escalating conflict and working towards the negotiation of more positive outcomes. Simply stated, conflict […]

How Do Schools Support Children Whose Parent Has a Mental Illness?

  Between one in four and one in five adults will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. At the time of their illness, at least one quarter to half of these will be parents. Their children have an increased rate of mental health problems, indicating a strong link between adult and child mental health. […]

How do we support a parent with a mental illness at school?

The facts are that parents suffer from mental illness and due to the nature of and the stigma associated with mental illness, in school settings, parents may feel excluded from the school community. This becomes yet another barrier to engagement and partnerships are thus more challenged to develop. Physical and mental well being are not […]

Unpublished Photographs in History Speak For Themselves: The Back Stories

  Can you tell me the name of the first African-American United States  Senator? The New York Times could have told you that his name was Hiram Revels from the state of Mississippi. They could have published this story two centuries ago, but newsworthy, it was not. Even by today’s standards, this should be considered […]