Promote Self-Regulation among Early Learners with a Kangaroo Named MAX

Here we have a story all about how a youngster entering the classroom for the very first time learns self-regulation and learns to identify his emotions, understand his body cues and control his behavior. He learns to control behavior as a result of first identifying his feelings and framing them properly through the acronyms FADS(frustration, […]

How Schools Can Sustain Parent Partnerships from pre-K THROUGH 12

Trust is defined as “an individual’s or group’s willingness to be vulnerable to another party based on the confidence that the latter party is benevolent, reliable, competent, honest, and open”. If families are to trust teachers and other staff members, then they must believe that school personnel are qualified, fair, and dependable, and have their […]

How Much ‘Quality’ Time Do Fathers Spend With Their Children?

  According to a report from Pew Research Center, fathers say that they don’t spend enough time with their children even though U.S. fathers today are spending more time caring for their children than they did a half-century ago. Still, most (63%) say they spend too little time with their kids and a much smaller share […]

What You Don’t Know About Being ‘White’ in America

 The current presidential emphasis on constructing a border ‘wall’ between the United States and Mexico, the limitations placed on certain immigrants permitted to enter this country, and the current deportation efforts supported by policy initiatives all possess a common thread. Travel bans are largely focused on countries whose populations can be considered ‘people of color’- […]