6 Critical Decisions Which Are Often Overlooked by New Parents

There are so many tasks to complete when becoming a new parent. Whether through natural childbirth, adoption or fostering newborns, when you bring home that little bundle of joy, an important task for new parents is to update your

Health insurance. Be certain that you include the new baby in the health plan in which you are already enrolled. Most health insurance carriers allow the child to be added to your policy immediately after birth, regardless of whether it is during an open enrollment period. It is crucial that you take care of this in a timely fashion, since many insurers will only allow up to 30 days after birth to add a new child. One never knows…a cold, allergy, croup, colic, and routine well-baby check-ups will be a more seamless process when you enroll your child right away.

Update beneficiaries. Many parents have insurance policies, retirement accounts, and similar that include a designated beneficiary. It is common for a spouse to be named as the primary beneficiary, but i may be helpful to update these documents and list your new child as a contingent beneficiary. This means that if your spouse or another primary beneficiary dies before you, the child will be the beneficiary of the policy.

Guardianship. No one wants to think the worst case scenario, but it is still important to plan for it. If you and your child’s other parent were to suffer serious injury or death, it is important to have a plan for who will be your child’s legal guardian. Take this into careful consideration and have a plan B…just in case.

Update your Estate Plan. At its most basic, estate planning is the process of anticipating and planning for what should happen to your estate[assets, prized possessions] when you die. An estate plan will typically include one or more of the following legal documents:

  • will
  • medical directive
  • power of attorney
  • living trust

A will is the most commonly known and utilized legal document. The last will and testament ensures that your wishes are legally enforceable after your death. For instance, it will include information on how your assets should be divided and plans for your child’s care and education.

A power of attorney[ medical and financial]allows your wishes to be carried out if you have not passed away, but are deemed incompetent to make decisions on your own behalf.

Consult an Attorney. The above information is helpful but an attorney can give you advice based on your specific legal situation and can help draft all of these documents as well. There is no replacing the knowledge, professional experience and expertise of a trusted attorney to ensure that everything is in order and conforms to your specifications. in your absence. Don’t leave your loved ones guessing, and assuming or worst yet, bickering over a jazz record collection or an autographed baseball or the country house. Ensure your child’s education is appropriately financed. Plan ahead and don’t let loved ones guess. Spell it out. With a newborn, time and memories are just beginning. Hold on to them and treasure them, but be smart, too.

When coming home from the hospital with a new baby, we tend to itemize and plan for diapers, crib, blankets, car seats for safety, strollers, and the many other necessities of parenting and caring for a child. What we can’t forget is the practicalities of caring for your child in your absence, or medical care once you have settled in at home.

Planning for the future is just as essential as planning the immediates of life. These are matters seldom discussed but are tasks which will help to ensure your child is secure in his or her future. One doesn’t need to be wealthy, financially, in order to plan for the future. Family keepsakes can be equally as valuable as a summer home in the Berkshires or a chalet in Aspen.

The most important task is to love your child today, right now, and make it unconditional love. From Day 1, your child is completely dependent upon you for their health, safety and development-their survival. Do your best, be your best and communicate to your child that you know that he or she is the bast and you want to make sure that for them, every day, your best will get better….because you love your child so deeply unconditional. Plan ahead! Happy parenting! Give love!


My daughter and her daughter!



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