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What do we name the discussions/ conversations/chats whose target audiences are parents and family caregivers of children who attend our schools? We call them everything except that for which they truly are intended. We aim for partnerships, to provide academic performance updates and familiarize families with the curriculum and expectations.  Aside from individual student specific school-related meetings with staff, most events that target parents and families are poorly named.

Events of great significance, for example- the Parent-Teacher Conferences– are rather poorly named. As a parent, or a career professional[making no assumptions that parents can’t be both], when there is an upcoming ‘conference’, the mental imagery is usually a formal, rigid event. More appropriate for a professional team, or individuals convening for the purpose of information gathering, strategizing or brainstorming ideas and concepts, because everyone is already connected and equally respected with the knowledge that they belong there and are welcomed.

Although the aim and agendas are…

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Published by JaDonnia B.

An education and counseling professional, I focus my expertise on diversity, inclusion and family engagement/empowerment Of particular importance is the partnership between parents and the community schools that serve their children. Highlighting strategies, tips and evidence-based best practices for family engagement, my aim is to alter mindsets, broaden perspectives, foster empathy, and build capacity. Offering 'food for thought' and inviting discussion, I also tell truths rarely explored. A holistic culturally-responsive approach to teaching, learning and engaging others begins with respect. I promote respect and fully integrating curricular diversity in formal learning settings! Collaboration with families is necessary, because parents hold the master key that unlocks doors to child health and wellness, academic achievement, and believe it or not, teacher excellence and stronger school communities.

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