How Groups ‘Doodle’ Their Way Into Engagement

I can recall my first parent support group in the role of facilitator. Standing in a rather large conference room, front and center, there was this group of about ten individuals who were relative strangers to one another. In fact, they were strangers to me, besides their intake histories compiled on paper. People are more […]

5 Ways Parents Can Avoid Yelling at their Child

Have you ever been out in public, like at the mall, and you saw a 5 year-old having a meltdown? Parent nearby and then when parent got fed up, what was originally one temper tantrum turned into two-parent and child- both uncontrollably wailing. Child is like,”Mommy, mommy, mommy…” and parent is like “WHAT?  I said […]

How Do Parents Manage Separation Anxiety?

Learning to cope with the separation from a loved one is a natural growth and developmental process for children. Children cry when a parent leaves them alone, even for an hour or sometimes even when there are other caring adults present. A natural attachment to primary caregivers develops from infancy, and separation can be stressful […]

U.S. Immigration: Here’s What We Do Know

Question #1: Why do most people, families, migrate from other parts of the world into the United States of America? Question #2: Why did our original colonizing settlers and most European natives come to these United States of America, beginning in the early 1600’s? Answer: To find a safer, more life-affirming place to call their […]