Don’t Forget His Money- Remember to Kick’em Where it Hurts!

For generations, we have all known the name Bill Cosby, and yet we never knew who he really was. The world now knows that beneath the Hollywood veil, Fat Albert and the Jello® Pudding Pops, William Henry Cosby, Jr. was a misogynist. He was an abuser of power, and a predator to unsuspecting women. That is an horrific revelation. Now LADIES, offer some light at the end of the tunnel and kick him here it hurts!

I completely understand how these women needed closure. They needed acknowledgement, by him andeveryone else. And final forgiveness. Women, do forgive yourself. Your only responsibility in this, was that you are female. He felt entitled without  I will not tell you to forgive him for the way he took your lives, uour bodies, your consciousness and forever disrupted your sense of self.  Undoubtedly, he also compromised your trust in men… and justice, too.

On the bright side, thank God he did not break you. You have not been broken. That’s your inner strength, your power as women and the Power of God! But, you left out a most powerful strategy along this quest for justice. You neglected  to include the considerable value of   ‘tomorrow’.

‘Tomorrow’ holds the potential for future victims/ survivors of sexual violence- women, men, or more aggregious than that-children!

Where is the positive outcome, the future-focused mindset that informs us that we must ensure that this doesn’t happen to others? Look, Bill Cosby is 81 years old, and he is no longer a threat to you, me or other females. He is not well, can’t see, can’t walk, and again, he is 81 years old.

A jail sentence is not forward-thinking enough. It is delivering a death sentence. Ok, some may say that that is just fine. Whether 3  or 30 years, it is most likely that he will not live out any of those jail sentences. Is that it? Is that enough? Or the right kind of punishment? Where’s the payback?

Cosby is mega rich. It is believed that the greatest punishment to a person of means is to take away those means. He was always a philanthropist, and donated millions of dollars to different worthwhile causes. Honestly at his age, he probably doesn’t remember anything he did to any of you. But, what he does remember is his former status and influence. Both came from a career of comedic antics. This time no one is laughing.

What does that mean to us? Are we simply going to allow his money to continue as a legacy of pain?  As he continued to amass wealth, he continued to abuse women.

Who knows! Had it not been for his wealth, and associated influence, he may have not abused as many women as it has been alleged over the length of his life and career. Had it not been for his money, he may have never been known as “America’s dad”. .. if in fact it is the access to money that positions us to interact with people in so many different capacities.

Cosby’s potential threat to others on a wide scale has been reduced to minimal at best. He poses very little threat these days because his influence has been replaced with infamy, and his age-related health concerns have rendered him rather helpless.

Why hasn’t anyone proposed an additional, if it weren’t the central-most condition of his conviction, be that he channel substantial monies into some non-profits? Planned Parenthood, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, INCITE! Women of Color against Violence, National Organization for Women, or one or more of the advocate organizations dedicated to serving the vulnerable and exploited.

Paying it forward and making a positive gesture of support to others is being future-focused and proactive. Make a statement and turn a negative into a positive, while hitting Bill Cosby where it hurts. Although, it shuldn’t hurt really badly because wasn’t he a ‘philanthropist’ anyway? Place some light at the end of the dark tunnel and support advocacy for unwilling tunnel travelers in the future.  Just saying!





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