Four Amazing ICEBREAKERS for Group Facilitators

I recall the first time I facilitated a group of adults. I was nervous and anxious-a real mess. This was a room filled with strangers-a group in which the only thing they had in common[on the surface] was the fact that they were all parents and caregivers of youth with SED [Serious Emotional Disturbances]diagnoses.  This […]

Should You Pay Your Child For Performing Household Chores?

Do parents still give allowances? How frequently– once a week, once a month? And, why? If you are one of those parents who gives your child an allowance, is it for fulfilling a responsibility or just because you believe your child needs pocket change? Consider this:   Your child wants an expensive pair of sneakers, or […]

Here’s Where We “Raise the Bar” in America’s Public Schools

Today’s youngest learners are digital natives and practically ‘hard-wired’ to acquire knowledge through technology-infused learning. With an increasing need for meaningful connections between digital natives, the framework of teaching and learning in educational settings is at a crossroads. The basic structure and standardization of curricula can’t become any less engaging, exciting, or less relevant, according […]