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What kind of book will you write in 2019?

It’s a mystery right now, for only you know, but we can choose to make it a wonderful journey into adventure.

You need very little drama.

Maybe more love and some romance, even if it means showing more self-love and have a romance with life itself.

photo of woman looking at the mirror

No horror, but add a little comedy and some sci-fi, because science is fiction no more.

Try to hold room for spiritual growth, learn new things and as you write this new book, be empathetic, compassionate and kind.

Pray for peace in the world, being part of the solution.

Be the change.

Be a believer.

group of women and men standing on gray and white concrete floor

Show love to your children, and treasure your family, even if your family is not biologically connected to you. Be connected anyway, because we all are!

Be better than the year before. Be you, do you and still recognize and yield to excess.

Read a little more.

man sitting on sofa reading book

Give love to others, even if they are strangers. The love and respect you give is always returned. Your heart will be made fuller at the very least.

Remember the “Golden Rule” in all you say and do: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

silhouette of man touching woman against sunset sky

Say I love you more often.

Be not selfish nor selfless-just think of yourself less. In other words,…..


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Published by JaDonnia B.

An education and counseling professional, I focus my expertise on diversity, inclusion and family engagement/empowerment Of particular importance is the partnership between parents and the community schools that serve their children. Highlighting strategies, tips and evidence-based best practices for family engagement, my aim is to alter mindsets, broaden perspectives, foster empathy, and build capacity. Offering 'food for thought' and inviting discussion, I also tell truths rarely explored. A holistic culturally-responsive approach to teaching, learning and engaging others begins with respect. I promote respect and fully integrating curricular diversity in formal learning settings! Collaboration with families is necessary, because parents hold the master key that unlocks doors to child health and wellness, academic achievement, and believe it or not, teacher excellence and stronger school communities.

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