Here’s What I Learned From Teaching Beyond The Textbooks!

I taught Social Studies in middle school for one year, and in that year, I learned at least one very valuable lesson. It isn’t what I learned from the text books, because that year, I was given no textbooks from which to teach. It’s what I learned about and from the students themselves. My public […]

Do You Know How to Teach Black History?

Teaching outside of that box is to reach for content and contexts not found in the traditional texts. This also falls outside of the scope of the curriculum. However, to do so adds much more relevance to the learners, fuels their curiosity and affirms their culture-who they are. In the traditional textbooks, diversity is MLK […]

About Invented Spelling: “Cn u rd ths?”

When I was in grade school, teachers took spelling very seriously. Vocabulary and spelling tests were a weekly event. Not much has changed. Your children are still being tested on their ability to spell and learn and apply new words correctly in their writing. Your first grader comes home from school and shows you, very […]