This Is What We Celebrate on Memorial Day

  Celebrate push towards a more humane and level playing field for all who endeavor to pursue and realize their potential minus the interference of the persons who wish to be exempt from accountability. Celebrate the wisdom of groups that the true greatness of anyone is demonstrated when in a just world, with equal opportunity, […]

Who Are The Homeless?

  First, who are the persons and families experiencing homelessness? Who stays at shelters? The circumstances which bring people into the shelter system range from mothers with children who are escaping domestic violence in the home to youth who’ve aged out of the foster care system with no concrete plans or supports during their transition […]

What Happens When The Local Library Doesn’t Have The ‘Right’ Books?

Many students don’t always have access to resources at home or extensive  resources at their local library. In smaller  ‘local’  libraries, the variety of types of books available to the community is minimal. Children, year after year, are handed homework assignments which require research beyond the classroom. The topics and the notable figures are the […]