This Is What We Celebrate on Memorial Day


fireworks during night time

Celebrate push towards a more humane and level playing field for all who endeavor to pursue and realize their potential minus the interference of the persons who wish to be exempt from accountability. Celebrate the wisdom of groups that the true greatness of anyone is demonstrated when in a just world, with equal opportunity, equal rights and equal access for all, individuals create positive change.

freedom bus

Celebrate the victims of the unspoken wars of enslavement. Celebrate the resilience of those families who despite the most unconscionable, horrific circumstances, survived and still purpose to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Celebrate the individuals who, despite the sanctioned practices of the day, held on to their humanity and practiced with compassion and some sense of fairness pertaining to the families and individuals in bondage.

Celebrate the individuals who permitted, encouraged and assisted in the fair ownership of homes, businesses, literacy, inventions, patents and discoveries of the enslaved and formerly enslaved peoples, including their descendents.

Celebrate the awakening of the collective consciousness of the powers-that-be in deciding to acquire power and wealth via just and fair avenues. Celebrate the dawn of new and better days where one does not feel the need to oppress another in order to acquire a sense of self-worth, respect because of the realization that, no matter the barriers placed before some, genius will always surface and rise to the top.

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Let us not forget to celebrate the many lives lost in wars and political, social, and legal fights for equality and equitable treatment according to laws. Among them are to be included the incarcerated individuals whose ‘crimes’ were wrongly adjudicated. Affected by these miscarriages of justice are the families, children and loved ones’ loss of access to them due to this loss of freedom. Families and children have and still are negatively impacted because of incarcerated persons, particularly those who were wrongfully accused and convicted.

Celebrate the brave and outspoken individuals and groups whose bravery has led, and willl lead to changes in laws regarding marriage equality, voting rights, police brutality, fair housing practices, education reform and curriculum expansion, child welfare laws and practices, and everyone working to support a just and fair democracy.

Celebrate the lives lost due to racist views, discriminatory practices, religious intolerance and those whose lives were loss or impacted by the ignorance or  of others. Mental health  is receiving recognition, along with mis-education, as factors affecting violence on a larger scale.

Applaud yourselves and dare to never repeat past mistakes. Learn from them, move forward, be better, do better, and say a silent prayer for all lives lost. I salute you and believe that we will be better and stronger. United we stand; divided we fall. Stand together! When the world sees us divided, they may conquer and destroy all that we have done.

Looking into our past, tears flow from my eyes and my heart breaks. I feel so disappointed in knowing that was my country that I love so dearly. But when we face this past and raise our consciousness, we are all better global citizens. When we talk openly and honestly about our national past, we will become ‘woke’ and can then shine in the best versions of ourselves.

Lastly, let us celebrate the awesomeness and the beauty of life and nature. Celebrate the beauty of each other, in all different hues, races, religions, shapes and sizes. It is those differences which highlight our similarities. Celebrate the world, for it is we who are the world, and as global citizens of this world…. celebrate love and the goodness, worth and beauty of us all together as one unified existence. That is most worthy of celebration. I believe that’s what the heavens intended.

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Happy Memorial Day!


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