“Let Them Work it Out In Their Own Country”-There’s No Freedom Here

Millions of parents with children visit the United States each year. Many like what they see, and decide they would like to stay. After all, for generations now, we have labeled ourselves the ‘land of opportunity’. Many risk their lives and safety, and face uncertainty, to enter our borders. We have boasted of the many freedoms and choices and rights we have as U.S. citizens. We have told tales of the chance for all families to live the ‘American Dream’.

How do we reconcile ourselves with the fact that many families continue to attempt to gain entrance into this country? Most of them do so because of what we have said we offer in this country. The Statue of Liberty even has, enshrined on her surface, echoes of the same sentiments- to all people across the seas and around the globe.

We have to watch what we say, and make them reflect this nation’s values. It doesn’t matter that, on a personal or political level, we disagree with an open borders policy. We have monuments that say so, and these monuments are still treasured and celebrated. In fact, those words, on at least one particular monument, heavily influenced many Europeans’ decision to settle their families in America. We ought not speak with forked tongues.

Now that we’re all here, the doors are closed? We didn’t mean what we said generations ago? This country’s values have indeed changed, largely because we realize the gross mistakes made to import and enslave peoples of African descent, I guess. The next logical question is: Why are there certain statues, monuments, and phrases written in our unchanged constitution, still in existence? That is a contradiction of stated values and sends mixed messages to potential newcomers. Are we setting them up for a fall?

Do we no longer wish to be a nation where diversity exists fundamentally? Perhaps our aim has shifted, out of fear and the impending loss of unearned, but heavily exercised social control/power and wealth. Do we fear that very soon, this country will, both in policy and practice, reflect the real meaning of a democracy? Will the bulls..t and hypocrisy be unearthed to the public. [purposefully not posed as a question]. The answer is clear.

European colonizers/conquerors traveled the globe looking for ‘suckers’, and toted a ‘bible’. This bible was made, not suggested, to supersede any faith-based beliefs before it. Funny, though, it is that this bible states that ‘what is done in the dark shall SOON come to light’. There is no use in running from the truth or the light, because according to that book shared with people around the world, it is inevitable. The most logical conclusion to this conundrum is that these words in that book were written by ‘men'[because that’s how it was], in order to control people with fear of something greater than their physical harm. Their eternal soul.

Using this new type of fear, which denotes power greater than ourselves, it saved gunpowder and other destructive weaponry. All peoples of the world have their own explanations of life, and insisting that one way is absolute invokes that fear in other beliefs. Determining a divine right and wrong dictates order-social order. But, that order is created to serve the purposes of the one aiming to exert power over others.

Now, in the 21st Century, families of different faiths and ethnicities wish to enter the U.S., to escape injustices in their native lands. The difference between the immigrants of today and yesteryear is that these people are black and brown, largely non-European. That great bible, pushed by those forefathers and those before them, tells many stories of rights and wrong. The versions which we subscribe to are the King James approach to control.

One story, still being taught and celebrated, is the story of Jesus. His mom and dad traveled to a different land and were told that there was no more room for another family. Yet, out of the good deed of a few or good or ‘Godly’ fortune, a place was found nonetheless. Room was made. They made room, knowing what these people had gone through.

Refusing entrance to anyone in need, especially families with little children would thus be a sin, no? It has never been presumed or assumed that the good people in Jerusalem would separate that family or tell them to go back to where you’ve come from. Work it out in your own country? Did the Pilgrims work it out in England? They had been threatened with violence, enslavement, economic injustice, starvation, religious persecution. Women were mistreated, education was denied, and they had no political voice where they were. They fled here.

What’s the difference between then and now? They arrived by sea- in shiploads. Today’s migrant populations walk, run, come by aircraft, boats, and some even swim to reach America.   They are not seeking a pleasure-filled vacation; they seek safety and  better lives. They are the tired, the poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. They aren’t coming to live on the taxpayers’ dollars or to become criminals. As a matter of fact, criminal activities threatens their place of refuge and residence. Would you risk it?

Why are some of us trying to convince the American people that these are probable reasons and results from allowing entrance to non-Europeans? According to statistics, compiled by our governmental agencies, the majority of those who ‘live on the taxpayer dollars’, a euphemism for public assistance or welfare, are white.

We can no longer rob people of their native tongues or their faiths. Society has outlawed such explicit practices. Therefore, when we meet newcomers, their languages will still be kept intact. A language barrier! There are still families with members who have been in this country for generations and they do not speak English. Are we threatened by that? Not at all.

As a nation of many faiths, but still a ‘Christian’ nation, there is a definite threat to continue to exercise powers and social controls, once legally wielded  against blacks. Today’s immigrant populations aren’t brainwashed from their initial journey here, to the ways of society which limit their abilities to navigate their lives autonomously. That is frightening. So, we tell them to go back to your country. We will take your children from you, and subject them to additional injustices. Except, it will be done without their parents’ love, presence and support.

This all leads me to believe that we don’t care about the global injustices there are. We don’t care about the daily tragedies, starvation, mass killings, wrongful imprisonment….. We don’t care about the little babies and children. We care about our agendas only, and if that means that we must tell you we care, too, that is what we do.

Before we go venturing out into other countries, we should stay and work it out in this country, first. There is still so much to do, and America, it’s time to conquer those fears. You can no longer conquer people, here or abroad. We see this everyday.


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