The Connection Between Sleep Position And Personality

Unless you wake up in pain,sore and achy, you probably don’t think too much about the way you sleep at night- your ‘go-to’ sleep position. However, just like the way you organize the cans in your kitchen pantry, or the songs on your favorite playlist, the way you spend those six to eight hours each night, sheds some light on who you are.

Though it’s not a ‘cut and dry’ science, how you sleep reveals important facets of your personality.  There is considerable overlapping of sleeping positions among various personality types.

It makes sense when we think about it. Body language often says many things about our deep inner personalities, including self-image and our fears. Our core beliefs and desires can be expressed through body language, non-verbal communication.

An emergency physician and Assistant Professor at Northwell Health, Dr. Robert Glatter, MD., in an interview with POPSUGAR, said that based on his experiences with patients, more often than not, personality traits and sleeping patterns match up across the board. He says that sleeping positions are a good match to personality and general demeanor.

Most of us don’t change our sleeping positions throughout our lives. According to this medical professional, the position in which we fall asleep, promotes stability and inner comfort, also helping us feel solid and secure at day’s end.



The fetal position is generally the most common sleeping position. Fetal sleepers sleep on their side, curled up with the knees tucked in. People who sleep in this position might be introverted or closed up in nature to protect themselves. They are often quite sensitive and generally withdrawn or shy. Often quite anxious, worrying excessively over minor details, so if that is you, you’ll benefit from other ways to de-stress beyond sleep. Activities such as yoga, meditation and exercise will help right before shut-eye.


This is the person who sleeps on their side with a straight body and limbs kept at their sides. These sleepers are generally more at ease, unlike the fetal sleeper. More relaxed and laid-back, this person can be more gullible at times. If you are a log sleeper, keep in mind that it’s good to be less stressed for the most part, but don’t be too quick to ‘go with the flow’ at all times.


The Yearner sleeper sleep on their sides with both arms stretched out in front as if they are yearning or grasping for something. Think of this as a need or desire for something, and thus reaching out is a natural tendency. Possibly a suspicious person, they tend to take a rational approach to life. In so much as yearners may weigh pros and cons for their desires and act slower than others, they are confident in their choices when all sorted out. They take a while to make a decision, but once they have their minds made up, they are steadfast in commitment. Try to sleep on the left side with a pillow for support.


These sleepers typically lay on their backs with both arms close to their sides. Generally the strong but silent type, they tend to be reserved, not liking to make ‘waves’. They can also be quite exacting and demanding of themselves and others as well. A private and more reserved nature, they can be loners, too.


Free-fallers lie on their stomach with their hands encircling their pillows, and typically turn their head to one side. Unfortunately, this is not the healthiest sleep position, regardless of personality traits or type. This position is most uncomfortable due to the neck being rotated and extended, according to medical experts.However, this is a good position if you snore while also promoting good digestion.

Free-fallers yearn to be in control, but truthfully, feel as though their life is spinning out of control at times. Open, playful and fun-loving personality traits are associated with this sleep position. They may be secretly anxious, and tend to awaken with anxiety. It is not an ideal position.  If that is you, try some calming music before bed or lavender scented eye mask to relax the nerves.


Starfish sleepers typically lie on their back with both arms encircling their pillow, as if they are in a sit-up position. In general, they are quite gregarious and very generous. They tend to be selfless, as well as good listeners and a great friend-not keen on being in the limelight. Be warned that this position may make this person more prone to snoring and experience poor sleep quality.This is classified in surveys as the least popular sleep style.

No matter the personality traits or personality types which correlate with sleep position, by far the healthiest option for most people, sleeping on your back allows your head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position. This means that there’s no extra pressure on those areas, so you’re less likely to experience pain.

Don’t get too hung up on how you sleep in bed. While you may think you sleep in a certain position, the reality is that you move between 10 and 12 times per hour. This means that most of us toss and turn as many as 60 or 70 time a night, and more than half of these movements involve major changes in position. The bottom line is that no matter which position is your favorite in which to sleep, when you shut your eyes each night, aim for a good night’s sleep. Each morning that you awaken, you want to feel well-rested and grateful that you’ve been given another day to experience your best life!

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