Virtual ParentCamp on Wednesday June 17, 2020: Register and Be There!

On Wednesday June 17, 2020 at 8PM EST, 5PM PST, I will be hosting a session on Comprehensive Family Wellness. The session’s title is: Defining and Maintaining Family and Child Wellness In and Out of Pandemic Crises. 

Daniel Ibarrondo, J.D., Ed.S., Ed.D

My Co-facilitator, co-host, is Dr. Daniel Ibarrondo, JD, Ed.S., Ed.D., Associate Dean of Online Programming at Cambridge College in Charlestown, Massachusetts. I am both proud and honored to have him join us in this national conversation on wellness. He will place an all-important focus on creating and adapting to “new normal” parent-child-school paradigms. Come into our room and share. Join the conversation!

Register for this week and plan to join conversations each week to follow, with discussions ranging from career selection to school and community partnerships to parenting and teaching with diversity considerations. Educators, parents, students, practitioners and family advocates are our target audiences. Come in, join a room or visit many rooms, every Wednesday at VirtualParentCamp. You will leave feeling enlightened, supported, heard and better prepared to integrate family engagement practices as critical to achievement and strengthening communities.

See you there!






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