Cartographers Who Put Racism on the Map

An article, originally published in The Conversation highlighted America’s historical mappings in order to forward their purposes of conquering certain areas. Casting light on the efforts of whites to place barriers in front of a minority community’s rights and privileges associated with citizenship, black people also created their own maps. Beginning with W.E.B. Dubois, and perhaps to be included should be the mapped courses along the Underground Railroad, maps have helped black families chart their own pathways to justice and safe travels in this country.

If you are a history buff, as am I, the facts presented in this article will inform, entertain and alarm you as to how we got where we are today. This includes housing, policing, employment, voting, and so much more. Previously unknown facts about groups such as the Black Panthers may expand perceptions of who these groups of people actually were-not just what you’ve been led to believe.

airplane over world map on blackboard

Do read this article very carefully, and acquire an understanding of how racism made its way into the nation’s fabric by geography, policies and practices. Do you get a more clear picture of how our social climate has been cleverly shaped by whites alone, from the much revered ‘forefathers’ to our present ‘policymakers’?

From the era of enslavement, into reconstruction forward into Jim Crow, there has been strategic pushback against the mobility of black people,. Their rights to participate in the political arena, vote, live, learn and every other aspect of their lives and safety has been threatened.

At each turn, primarily for survival purposes, the evidence of racism and white supremacy has been documented. So, how can we believe that no one intentionally constructed policies aimed at thwarting the ability of minority groups to thrive in this country? Here is more tangible evidence that history has been unkind to these people.

Also demonstrating resilience, strengths and genius, black people have not been blind to what was being done, both behind closed doors and in public view. It has been said that black people know whites better than white people know themselves.Tell me what you think, when you have read the article below.


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