Gifts You Can Give That Cost Nothing

Here’s an Emotional Gift Guide that, hopefully, will be meaningful for you in your life as you relate to people you may encounter along your journey. The best part of this is that our emotions are free and freely expressed, for the most part. They are intangible, but invaluable and can impact ourselves and others, negatively as well as positively. This list/guide provides positive ways to perceive, approach and communicate with others. The general idea is that we recognize the innate value of each person and engage them from a strengths-based approach. All it costs us is mindfulness. As you are guided by this list, start your day with the willingness to….


To yourself.respect, confidence, faith and fortitude.

To a family member….communication and understanding, even if there have been relationship challenges.

To a friend….a heartfelt, caring spirit and appreciation.

To our natural world, animal and plant life….admiration, protection, and preservation.

To a good cause….generosity of time and treasure and ardent advocacy.

To a traveler….an open door of hospitality.

To our military forces, first responders, and their loved ones….honor, admiration, and support to heal the wounds.

To the ill and hurting….conscientious concern and comfort.

To the hungry and homeless….compassion, emergency services, and creative community solutions.

To the abused, neglected and abandoned….representation, security, and hope.

To someone with a special challenge….recognition, acceptance, and a path to independence.

To the addicted and troubled….open arms, forgiveness, and a positive path to recovery.

To an infant and toddler….attention, attachment, safety, and learning opportunities.

To a child or teen….patience, guidance, and a positive example through mentoring.

To a parent in need….a helping hand and guidance.

To an elder….reverence, gratitude, and dignified care.

To a customer or client….excellent service and lasting value.

To everyone you see, friends and strangers alike….a warm smile, acts of kindness, and positive energy.

To people of every age….unconditional love and sincere gratitude.

To all the peoples of the world….justice, and peace.

This guide was written by Jack Levine and published in Grand Magazine. Not exhaustive, this emotional guide keeps us mindful of the numerous ways to respectfully communicate with others and the world around us. It reminds us to be empathetic and to give the best of ourselves without exception. With hope, this will be useful to everyone, including you. Let me know.


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